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Resources for Regional Volunteer Centers

This website is designed to be a resource for all community service and volunteer organizations operating in New York State. We hope to assist as you serve your community, including volunteers in the delivery of service and in the decision making process.

The Office seeks to support a strong relationship between volunteer organizations throughout the State. Partnering with experts such as the Points of Light Institute and CG Consulting, we are providing links to resources for organizations to facilitate growth and the sharing of best practices.

Engaging volunteers to solve community issues is a primary focus of the New York State Office of National and Community Service. The Office includes among its many partners the Regional Volunteer Centers, located throughout the state. Volunteer Centers help to match people who want to volunteer with opportunities that match their time availability and talents.

New York State's Regional Volunteer Centers

The New York State Commission on National and Community Service announced the establishment of ten Regional Volunteer Centers in 2011. New York State was one of 14 states awarded a Volunteer Generation Grant by the Corporation for National and Community Service to establish and enhance a regional volunteer infrastructure throughout New York State. Your regional Volunteer Center can help you volunteer or find the right volunteer to meet your mission!

New York State is working with the Regional Volunteer centers to achieve the following primary objectives during the next three years:

  • Develop and expand a sustainable network of national and community service agencies that will provide services and resources to communities throughout New York State;
  • Engage one million New Yorkers in active service in order to increase New York's volunteer rate to the current national average and help address our State’s most pressing needs;
  • Deliver volunteer management training that will strengthen the capacity of non-profit agencies statewide and more strategically engage national service programs and volunteer resources as a solution to critical local problems; and
  • Elevate the State Commission's capacity to implement its objectives statewide, capture regional and local volunteer statistics to full analyze the service landscape in New York, and increase the overall impact of skill-based volunteers to meet community needs.

New York State Regions of Service

Please click here to view New York State’s Regions of Service. The State of New York is comprised of 62 counties each with unique demographic, economic and cultural considerations. The Regions of Service were established by the State Commission on National and Community Service to more efficiently organize national and community service initiatives, as well as equitably distribute resources and technical support to the volunteer organizations in those areas.

Regional Volunteer Centers