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2010 Volunteer Management Training Summit

2010 Regional Volunteer Management Training Session

October 18-20, 2010

Rochester Radisson Riverside Hotel

Rochester, New York

Summary of the Training

New Yorkers Volunteer - The New York State Office of National and Community Service hosted a 2-day Volunteer Management Training Session from Monday October 18th through Wednesday October 20th at the Radisson Riverside Hotel in Rochester NY. This comprehensive training was offered at no cost to volunteer organizations in the Rochester area and provided valuable skills, best practices, and practical resources to strengthen the recruitment, management and retention of volunteers.

New Yorkers Volunteer is the State Office charged with spearheading service and civic engagement initiatives. This entity manages national and community service programming, matches New Yorkers with service opportunities, and takes strategic steps to increase the level of volunteering. New Yorkers Volunteer is committed to making every New Yorker a stakeholder in his or her own community by giving back through their time, talents and compassion. New Yorkers Volunteer serves as the administrative arm of the State Commission on National and Community Service; a bi-partisan Governor-appointed body. The Commission is responsible for making funding decisions which provide national service resources to New York State communities.

In order to facilitate an increase in volunteer activity in New York State, New Yorkers Volunteer will host Volunteer Management Training Sessions in each region of the state. The 2010 Regional Volunteer Management Training Session was delivered by staff of New York Cares. New York Cares is New York City's leading volunteer organization, bringing vital volunteer support to thousands of nonprofit agencies, public schools, and other deserving organizations.

Below you will find the PowerPoint presentations and presenter materials used during the 2010 Regional Volunteer Management Training Session. If you have questions relative to this training or future offerings, please contact the New Yorkers Volunteer Office at 518-473-8882.

**Click here for the complete 2010 Regional Volunteer Management Training Session Agenda

Trainers: Chantal Emmanuel, Manager, Community Programs - New York Cares
Kat Selvocki, Officer, Community Programs - New York Cares

Monday, October 18th

Understanding Volunteering

Participants will learn the elements of a successful volunteer program and learn characteristics of organizations that effectively engage volunteers.

Understanding Volunteers - Presentation

Planning Your Volunteering Program

Participants will learn to conduct their own volunteer needs assessments, write a purpose statement for their program and determine appropriate roles for volunteers.

Planning Your Volunteer Program - Presentation

Tuesday, October 19th

Recruiting and Placing Volunteers

Participants will learn to effectively recruit the appropriate volunteers and place them. Staff will also learn how to use position descriptions and discuss the importance of background checks.

Recruiting and Placing Volunteers - Presentation

Training Volunteers

Participants will learn the importance of adequate orientation and ongoing training of volunteers

Training Volunteers - Presentation

Successful Volunteer Supervision & Retention

Participants will learn some strategies for successful volunteer management and supervision.

Successful Volunteer Supervision – Presentation

Retaining Volunteers - Presentation

Wednesday, October 20th

Evaluating your Program

Participants will learn about collecting data, tracking outcomes, and using findings to improve programmatic activities. Staff will learn the benefits of recognizing volunteers for retention purposes as well as some strategies for recognizing volunteers.

Evaluating Your Volunteer Program